Stilts – Walking tall

The new student looks up to Emile, my best student of stiltwalking.
All the kids aspire to be the one at the top.

At first, it seems like an impossible task, as awkward as your first unco-ordinated steps as a baby. I always tell the kids that its just like learning to ride a bicycle.

Its only balance and I would say a lot easier to learn to do than riding a bicycle.

Progression is rapid. I assist in the first few walks and in a very short period of time of anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes the children get the balance and begin their long walk to freedom. ha ha.

Its great. Gets them into the great outdoors, exercises the body and is just a mild form of extreme sport. It is fun and only available to the few who choose a life of adventure. Happy walking all.

Raoul the Owl……

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