Melkkos the Garden Route

Melkkos the Garden Route

This is a very nice light meal for a cold or rainy day. It is so deliciously light and fluffy a real comfort food.. Delicious!

“Melkkos”, which directly translates to Milkfood, is a South African classic and more particularly an Afrikaans tradition of sorts.

There are many variations of the recipe, and two main variations of the dish as far as I am aware. “Melkkos” is the one I grew up with. It is made by rubbing butter into flour which then gets cooked in milk. It produces a smooth porridge of sorts, with a few lumps here and there.

“Melksnysels” is the other variation. It is made by making a dough out of flour, egg and a little milk which then gets rolled flat and cut into strips (similar to making pasta by hand), which in turn gets cooked in milk.

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